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Having a hard time finding the right words?

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Everyone struggles with finding the right words, or the best way to phrase an idea. It’s a natural part of the writing process. For many people, this is where you hit a dead end. You’ve written a first draft of that cover letter or admissions essay, but you don’t know what to do to improve it. Is there something wrong with the flow of the ideas? Are the sentences too choppy? Is there something missing?
This is where I can help
From brainstorming and enhancing content to sentence level proof-reading and rephrasing, I can aid you in transforming any idea or piece of writing from its nascent stage to its final, polished version—ready for sendoff as a finished product.

Trained for over a decade as a university writing center tutor, instructor and literature professor, I can translate any idea into precise prose. My editorial services can provide suggestions and probing questions based on document genre, audience, tone, necessary industry knowledge, grammatical construction, style, diction and punctuation to refine your document to the highest standard within your field.
Language and writing have long been passions of mine. I love to share knowledge and aid others in understanding and producing quality writing. So, if you need help with a project, feel free to Message Me


Content Writing

“Largely undeterred by technical content, Norrell provides insights on conveying ideas in an approachable manner while also having a keen awareness of syntax, grammar, and spelling. Norrell is timely with reasonable deadlines.”

-Alex H.
Engineering Phd Candidate
College Park, MD

Personal Statement

“Norrell was a pleasure to work with throughout the essay-writing process. I came in with rough unpolished drafts and ideas and came out with essays that I was confident in and happy to submit. While rereading those essays as I prepared for interviews, I was pleased, which is a testament to Norrell’s ability to help tease out ideas and structure an essay. I’m confident that without her assistance, I would not have gotten through to the interview stage.”

-Ian Q.
Prospective PhD student
Seattle, WA


“I had previously seen Norrell’s work as an editor during a research grant project that I was managing. She was quick to learn and meet our goals within tight deadlines. During that job, I could rely on Norrell to jump in and provide solid feedback as an editor. After years into my career, I began a graduate program and felt like a fish out of water. Out of practice of writing academic papers, I reached out to Norrell during one final assignment for guidance. As much research as I had done, I struggled to organize my thesis and was overwhelmed by the possibilities. Without naming my struggle as this to Norrell, after a brief conversation with pointed questions, she instinctively knew how to coach me to “find my voice” and get “unstuck.” I could not be more grateful. Her guidance shifted my direction in writing after a 15-20 mins consult.

Editing cont’d

After a week of struggling to be confident in what direction I was going in, I was able to complete a research paper that I was happy with within the next 24 hours. Norrell helped me take my audience on an easy to understand and insightful journey. She had given me the confidence to focus on my own experience and perspective first. Truly, this became one empowering research paper writing process. From there, the research naturally supported me. I realized during this process that I actually can enjoy writing; I’m excited to continue to use it to make unique contributions in my fields of interest.”

MA Student
New York

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