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Next Step Forward Initiative Dr. Norrell Edwards

Next Step Forward Initiative IG page and watch some of the interviews with community members around complaint suppression

Public service and public good have always captivated me. From independently researching and writing about Jamaica’s socialist Prime Minister Michael Manley to starting a gently used children’s book drive with my best friend in high school, I have always wanted to develop and support community initiatives and solutions. That passion has led me to work on various projects including social media campaigns for the Next Step Forward Initiative to policy work for Maryland’s first Black Governor. I love community engagement and outreach. Do you have a community-focused idea that you need help bringing to fruition? Let’s talk about it. 


Next Step Forward Rally

Although I have not lived in my hometown, New Rochelle for several years, I try to stay connected through community activism and organizing. 


Great Migration & Memorial Highway

It was a wonderful experience working with the Harvard University School of Design to talk about the history of Black communities in New Rochelle, NY and imagine a future where these communities are centered and engaged in the urban planning process.  Read more


Education Policy For A More Inclusive Maryland

Maryland Education Policy - First Townhall Meeting

Maryland Education Policy -Second Townhall Meeting